• Team Based (goal specific) periodized programming that changes every month to keep you progressing
  • The most up to date programming and coaching. The workouts you’ll get are the exact programs that we give the clients at our training facility.
  • You no longer have to worry about searching for programs or answers to your questions because…..
  • You get unlimited e-mail access to Rogue coaches for nutrition, training, and recovery questions
  • Workouts are delivered to your phone, tablet, and computer so you’ve always got them on hand 



  • Customized program based on your needs and goals

    • Strength work that actually gets you stronger in the right movement patterns so you can go hard and not break down
    • Energy system work specific to you and the event you are preparing for
    • Nutrition guidance so that you recover well during your training and to get you to perform optimally during your event
  •  Monthly reading on programming, psychology, recovery, and nutrition
    • Over the course of our program you will learn how to write your own programs, design your own nutrition plans, and keep yourself from getting injured. Upon program completion you’ll be self-reliant.
  • Unlimited email, Skype, and phone access with your coach


Workouts are delivered via the Train Heroic platform. Workouts are delivered via a web, tablet, or phone. Every exercise include a comprehensive video tutorial and performance points. Every workout includes a comprehensive explanation and specific feedback and tracking points.

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We finned every morning using combat side stroke and recovery stroke, starting with 1500m on day 1, 2000m on day 2, and then 3000m on day 3. Me and my swim buddy finished first on all the swims. The next closest pair was at least 20 mins after us each time. We absolutely crushed the swim

None of it was easy, but without your training programs I can honestly say I would not have performed as well as I did.

GORUCK Adventure Racer- Online Client

I passed selection. I can’t thank you enough. I felt like I couldn’t have prepared any better than with your program.

CANSOF Operator – Online Client

We had to carry two 75lb sandbag tubes, a level, shovel, axe plus food/water. About 80/85lbs total throughout the course. It. Was. Fucking. Hell. Going uphill was a bitch. My team (3 people) would rotate the non-sandbag pack around so at least one person would get a break from the sandbag pack. Legs were good. We finished it in 16 hours. Had to slow down on the last mile down since it was off trail and really muddy and slippery. It started raining like hell.

After a brief clean up/fuel up, we went back to Pittsfield sans sandbags to do some log work – chopping, moving logs around. We did Lego memory challenge. Then we hiked up to Joe’s cabin on a mountain. We had to haul two rocks up there when we got to the top. This is where we were told that we were done with the Team Death Race at 5:15am.

Death Race Adventure Racer- Online Client

I just got selected in the May SFAS class. Thank you for the great programming; the workouts definitely translated well to the work we had to do, especially the motor patterns for rucking.

I feel very confident moving forward with everything I learned from your program.

Army Special Forces Operator – Online Client

When I started out I was trying to get ready for my BUD/S PST. My numbers were pretty competitive – about 80 each for pushups and situps, 15 pullups, swim and run below 10 minutes. After your training, I went in at 7:45 on the swim, 110 pushups, still around 80 on the sit-ups since I don’t want to be the sit-up champion, 20 pullups and just below 9 on the run.

NSW Operator – Online Client

My hips feel great and my knees didn’t/don’t hurt at all. I’m a little beat up in the shoulders from the heavy ruck, just under 50 pounds for 12 hours, about 18 miles, but I feel really good. I was a beast doing buddy carries, hundreds of yards of walking lunges, and even carrying 2 – 3 rucks at once along with a couch, sandbags, cinder blocks, and a log that we found along the way. I am way less sore than I was last time too.

GORUCK Adventure Racer- Online Client


  Periodized Training Programs

Based on the long term goal of the program

  Flexible Delivery of Programs

You can view the workouts on your phone, computer, or print them out

  Track Progress

Weights, work capacity, and conditioning metrics are automatically tracked by the software to make sure you are improving every month

  In-depth Video Tutorials

For every exercise and workout

  Nutrition Coaching

3-6 month progressions based on the goal of the program

  Access to Coaches

We available to answer questions and individualize workouts as needed



With it’s origins in our special operations prep training, this is the specialized program you need to crush any adventure race or special ops selection-style event covering over ten miles.

Periodized phases of strength, work capacity, and energy system work designed to have you at a peak performance level on race day. You’ll have access to Rogue coaches to answer questions and individualize the program as well.

About the Training

Time Commitment: 60-90 minutes per day – 6 days per week (3 primary workouts, 2 optional workouts, 1 recovery day)
Desired Training Response: Relative strength (strength relative to your weight), endurance, specific work capacity, and movement quality
Primary Coach: Matt Malloy


  • 1.5x bodyweight deadlift (men) / 1x bodyweight deadlift (women)
  • 1x bodyweight front squat (men) / .75x bodyweight front squat (women)
  • Currently doing some form of energy system work (cardio)

Who is this for:

Anyone who is interested in building a broad athletic foundation that will allow them to crush any race or event:

  • Adventure racers
  • Mountain Athletes
  • Tactical athletes
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Programming designed to build a broad athletic base, lean and functional muscle, a large aerobic base, high relative strength and power, and resilience through perfecting movement. Perfect for those looking to stay in great shape throughout the year so you’ll be ready for any event or adventure that you tackle. All programming has been expertly developed and tested in the real world by our athletes all over the world: backcountry skiers, split-boarders, triathletes, surfers, climbers, adventure racers and special operators. You’ll have access to Rogue coaches to answer questions and individualize the program as well.

About the Training

Time Commitment: 60-90 minutes per day – 6 days per week (4 primary workouts, 1 optional workouts, 1 recovery day)
Desired Training Response: Relative strength (strength relative to your weight), power, endurance, specific work capacity, and movement quality
Primary Coach: Matt Malloy


  • 2x bodyweight deadlift (men) / 1.5xbodyweight deadlift (women)
  • 1.5x bodyweight front squat / 1x bodyweight front squat (women)
  • Sub 45 min 5 mile run
  • 5+ strict pull-up’s (men) / at least one strict pull-up (women)

Who is this for?

Anyone who meets the pre-requisites above and is training for activities that require a broad athletic base including high relative strength, aerobic foundation and resilience. Examples include:

  • Special Operators
  • Mountain athletes – ski mountaineers, climbers, backcountry skiers and snowboarders
  • Tactical athletes
  • Adventure Racers – any distance, including 24-48 hour races
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Customized program based on your needs and goals


We expect a lot out of our clients. That’s why we ask you to complete an extensive questionnaire to get to know you and your goals. We have limited time, attention and resources, so before we make a commitment to you we want to make sure you are a good fit in our program. We can only coach so many clients at once and want to make sure we aren’t wasting each other’s time.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

 To get started follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Contact us and let us know what you want to train for

Step 2: Fill out the application

Step 3: Send it in and see if you have been selected