Aerobic Capacity Thoughts

Since I have started  working here at Rogue Performance I have discovered not only how much you can enjoy aerobic capacity work, but how important it is. Aerobic work has almost become the anti-christ, its untouchable, useless and inapplicable in our field. It’s for people who don’t understand strength, power and athletic performance, right?

Who would you want to look like?



The evidence is obviously overwhelming. You need to be able to sprint for long periods of time, run a little and prepare yourself to sprint again, and again, and again. But what happens when you’re not sprinting? How fast are you recovering? Can you generate the same output over and over again like your sport demands? The answer to these questions can be “yes” IF you have an aerobic base. Aerobic training strengthens the heart and helps increase the amount of blood within your body. Along with the increased blood, comes an increase in oxygen, and a bigger and stronger ventricle means that muscles are getting the amount of oxygen they need faster! Do you see where I’m going with this?

We all know those athletes who are big and powerful and yet they become winded very quickly. They simply lack a strong aerobic base that helps them recover. Since the beginning of my program three weeks ago I have been doing aerobic work of 60-90 minutes three times a week. During that time I keep my heart rate within the 130-150 bpm. During my weight training days I have been recovering much faster, allowing me to get through my work outs in less time, push myself harder and lift heavier weight later in the training session. Not to mention it allows me to get out of the gym and enjoy the mountains we have surrounding the beautiful city of Denver. I encourage you all to get outside and go for a walk, walk/run, bike, swim, or hike. Break up your weight room sessions and the week with some aerobic work!