Single leg strength and stability is one of weaknesses that nearly all athletes walk into our facility with. Addressing this weak-link helps increase performance and reduce injury risk.

Training Log – 21 Jan 2013


This week’s training log entry is from Jonathan Pope, Owner and Director of Sports Performance Programs at Rogue. He had surgery 6 weeks ago to repair a torn labrum (SLAP tear, long head biceps tear, and Bankart Lesion) and has been focusing on correcting some weaknesses.


I spent some time doing some extra soft tissue and mobility work: voodoo floss bands on both quads and calves, super couch stretch mobs, and hip flexor mobs with band distraction on both sides.  After 6 weeks with limited soft tissue work on the lower body, my hips were feeling a bit tight. The extra 15 minutes of work before this squat session opened everything up and allowed for a great workout.

I also spend a little longer than usual on breathing drills and hip “activation” work (hip lifts, kb swings, x-band walks) because the hips have been so tight. Great first squat session back after shoulder surgery; especially considering the 6 week layoff from any axial loading.

Part 1:

Box jumps – 10×2 @ 40”

Safety squat bar Back Squats – 10×2 @ bar + 315

DB Bench Press (1-arm) – 10×3 @ 110#

Angle 1-arm Cable Row – 10×6 @ 150# (full stack)

Part 2:

Walking Lunge – 4×6 @ 205

GHR – 4×6 @ BW+ orange band (resisted)

GHR Weighted Sit-up – 4×10 @ 24kg

Band Pull-Apart – 4×15 @ black band