Training Log – 12 Dec 2012

We will periodically post workouts on the “Training Log” portion of this blog.  This are merely a representation of what we do at Rogue and are by no way a complete training plan.


1 -
Wall Squat – 2×5
BW Squat – 2×10
Goblet Squat – 2×5 (5s hold at bottom)
KBS – 2×10
2 -
Deadlift – 5×3
Ring Pushups – 4xarap
Pullup Variation – 4xarap

3 -
Step-Ups  (kb rack hold) – 3×15/leg
Back Extensions or RDL – 3×6 (5 sec lowering)
Rollouts – 3×6
Side Planks – 3xALAP
Band Pull-Aparts – 3×15


Phil has continually gotten stronger over the past 2 years. Today he performed sets of 15 ring push-ups along with bodyweight pull-ups for multiple rounds. It’s no wonder Phil gives the younger guys he skis with a run for their money.

Chest to bar, every rep. Quality = results

Conditioning – Power Endurance
“Sprint Triathlon”
500m ski
50 cal airdyne
500m row
no rest, for time
30 seconds on / 30 seconds off
4 reps, 2 sets
2 min rest between a, b, c
a – Airdyne
b – Rower
c – Skierg


Anyone who has done the "sprint triathlon" knows the moment when you realize just how bad things are about to get. Some chose to dive into the abyss headfirst. Lots of PR's in the last few days. Good work guys.