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Training Log – 05 Feb 13

Last summer Stephanie crashed on her road bike going down Squaw Pass and managed to totally destroy her helmet, knock herself out, and to break her thumb; requiring a surgical repair. This didn’t slow her down. She was back in the gym within a few weeks and managed to train throughout her recovery despite severe limitations with her arm and hand.

Today, less than 6 months after crash, she hit a PR on the deadlift (205#). While you could argue that 205 is nothing monumental, she is also one of the fittest girls in the gym, continually pushing everyone on conditioning tests.

Good work Steph!


A1 – Box Jumps – 5×2

A2 – Deadlift – work up to 1-3 rep max

B2 – Go home and celebrate putting in the work to get a PR

This workout is extremely simple because it falls at the end of an 8 week cycle and was “test” weeks for all the major lifts. The program was designed to build a huge work capacity using sub-maximal lifts for high volumes but never in sets of more than 5 reps.

We have used this and similar programs with a lot of clients to build a huge work capacity, grove movement patterns, build postural strength endurance, and increase max strength. By performing low reps with a sub maximal weight for upwards of 15 sets of major lifts and always keeping reps below 5 the client can really focus on lifting every rep with maximal force and with perfect technique.

This type alactic strength programming is really useful in female and SOF prep and endurance-oriented clients because it doesn’t conflict with aerobic energy system development and is also useful at minimizing muscle gain for those concerned with gaining too much weight.