Death Race2

Peter St. John

Jonathan Pope

Team Death Race this weekend. I finished it in 25 hours.

We started at 4am Sat morning at the bottom of Killington Resort to get a 4 hour head start.

We had to carry two 75lb sandbag tubes, a level, shovel, axe plus food/water. About 80/85lbs total throughout the course. It. Was. Fucking. Hell. Going uphill was a bitch. My team (3 people) would rotate the non-sandbag pack around so at least one person would get a break from the sandbag pack. Legs were good. We finished it in 16 hours. Had to slow down on the last mile down since it was off trail and really muddy and slippery. It started raining like hell.

After a brief clean up/fuel up, we went back to Pittsfield sans sandbags to do some log work – chopping, moving logs around. We did Lego Memory challenge. Then we hiked up to Joe’s cabin on a mountain. Joe is one of the founders for the Death Race. We had to haul two rocks up there when we got to the top. This is where we were told that we were done with the Team Death Race at 5:15am.