Jake M


“I am very happy with the online training program. It was evident the trainer (Jonathan) put a great deal of effort in developing the program.  I appreciated that as the program progressed in complexity, Jonathan would send articles and answer my questions in enough detail that I was never concerned or confused.  This level of communication and support enabled me to learn a great deal about how to develop a training program that was balanced, progressive and sustainable.  I found the articles to be informative and comprehensive, especially when paired with the experience and knowledge of the trainer.

The nutrition plan was excellent.  Prior to starting the program, I thought that as long as I ate pretty “healthy” I could do enough PT to make up the balance.   Initially, I had very little knowledge in this area, but now I have basic understanding of the nutrition-fitness pairing.  As a result of the nutritional information provided, I understand the complexity that is involved in planning and maintaining a proper diet.  The nutritional information was critical to my overall success in this program.

This program provided a structure and tools to achieve that goal.  I am physically prepared for my intended goal.   I did not have any difficulty completing the initial required physical training test.”