Bill Douglas


Jon, you enabled me to put on 38 pounds of lean mass in 13 months in 2009.  So, naturally, when I was recovering from serious injury requiring surgeries, I sought your help.  You’ve consistently exceeded every expectation I had.  My range of motion is full, I am strong again, and I have much more flexibility & energy.My friends call me the “teenaged old man” because I can keep up with both my sons.  You’ve taught me that fitness is a lifestyle and how to maintain it despite life’s bumps.  Since becoming your client I have skied slopes I never thought I’d be able to do, finished multiple extreme events, ran a marathon and several 10K’s, climbed many a mountain, improved my golf score, cliff jumped, competed at high level in volleyball, and ridden some extreme MTB trails.  I look forward to my workouts from you every month!  Life is a gift!

2011-02-23 Bill Douglas after first surgery in ICU

WD Powell wakeboard 2013