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Why Do You Train?!

Seriously, why do you take the time out of your day and come to the gym? why do you wake up early to run? or, why don’t you? I’ve had this conversation several times with clients struggling to set goals in the gym. “I’m bored.” “I’m not seeing results.” “I don’t know what I want out of this.” I’ve heard it all. I often answer it with a question “why are you here?” I don’t want the typical ” I want to look good and be healthy!” Bullshit. That’s as arbitrary as it comes. What is your idea of looking good? What is your measuring stick of being “healthy?” What do you consider “feeling good?”

Stop with the Bullshit. Stop with the cliches. Think about it. What is the goal that is so dear to you, you don’t tell anyone? What is it you desire? Why the hell do you come here!!??

Find out whatever that is, and write it down. Now, outline the behaviors you need to implement into your daily routine.

You don’t have to tell me, but it would help your programming and motivation if you did. I can help. Swallow your pride and lets talk about it.

Who we train:

People with specific goals: These guys are easy. They wear their goals on their sleeve. Athletes are good examples. You always know why an athlete is at the gym, they want to be better at their sport. They’ve had some sort of let down. Be it an injury or a big loss at the end of the year. Maybe they want to repeat their successful year.

People without goals: There are always the clients who show up, well, just because… They’re not quite sure what they want. You can always tell when an athlete wants to be at the gym, versus when their parents want them to be at the gym. It’s almost as if the clients “without goals” are just here because they feel like its what they’re suppose to do.


So why are they here?!


Societal pressures: Being able to tell others you have a trainer or work out has become a social status. Its the equivalent of telling someone that you’re “busy” when someone asks you how your week is going. It gives people the idea that you’re active, tough, pro-active and are a wanted individual. This is obviously not always the case.

Are you not entertained?!

Now this is entertainment!

serious question…..

Exercise has become a form of entertainment. It’s not that you shouldn’t enjoy it, its that it shouldn’t be a the most fun you do all week. It shouldn’t be a head to head competition.

Fear of health problems:

Doctor: “You’re going to die if you don’t start taking care of yourself”

Patient: “But can’t I reverse the 50 plus years I’ve been damaging my body?”

Doctor: You need to Exercise and eat well for starters.

Patient: Thank you so much for the help! How should I do that?

Doctor: How the hell should I know?!

Exercise + eating well = health. Boom. I just solved all your problems. But what does “exercise” mean? What should I do for it? how long should I do it? and how the hell do I eat well? That’s why you come to us. People who use this as their motivation have usually ignored their health for long time. They could be in the midst of a health scare, or worried about the onset of one. Welcome aboard. We’d be happy to help.

Why does it look like every person with Six pack abs is about to all forward on their face......oh wait, its because they are.

Why does it look like everyone with six pack abs is about to fall forward on their face?……oh wait, its because they are.

Client:”I just want a six pack.”

Me: Why?

Client: “Because it looks sweet”

Remember this post? It’s better not to have a six pack. Correlation does not equal causation. Six packs do not mean you’re fit. They do not mean you’re strong. They do not mean you’re healthy. They probably do mean you’re stuck in extension and move poorly.

A part of something bigger:

Crossfit: One of the huge draws to Crossfit is the comraderie attached to it. The community as a whole trains hard and has gone international. Upon joining a CF gym, you’re joining something that allows you to assimilate with people all over the world.

Small facilities: Much like our own, people appreciate the small community. Everyone knows each others name and they find out how each others weekend went. We also hang out outside of the gym, often rock climbing, snowboarding or mountain biking on the weekends. When the opportunity arises, we’ll even throw a holiday party or two.

Big Box gyms: Spas, country clubs, Denver Athletic Club, Tennis Clubs. These are more of a social status gym. Much like a country club, where only half of the members actually use the golf course.

Does Tim Tebow have a six pack? No. Because hes strong as shit and moves incredible well (reported 21/21 on FMS)

Does Tim Tebow have a six pack? No. Because hes strong as shit and moves really well (reported 21/21 on FMS. Although the FMS isn’t the gold standard of movement, if you nail the primitive patterns you’re doing something right.)


Perception of self, others perception of you:

It seems like no one likes what they see in the mirror. Women in great shape are afraid of their arms getting bigger. Strong guys want nicer abs and bigger biceps. There’s even the occasional “If I only had abs, I would have a girlfriend” high school drama.

Because you enjoy it:

Nothing wrong with enjoying what you do in the gym everyday. In fact, I encourage it.


Find out what it is that drives you to come to train through out the week. Really, why do you come here? Settling for reasons and goals set by other’s standards won’t keep you motivated for long.

Figure out what you really want. Not what others want. Once you do, your training experience will improve drastically.