Rogue Interns


An internship at Rogue will give you the tools to assess, program,
train, and communicate with a wide variety of clients. If you’re
ready to put in the time to learn the real world application of the
best training, psychology, and nutrition principles with a wide
variety of clients, Rogue is the place for you.

» 40 hour work weeks
» Professionalism: punctual, appropriate clothing, language
» Open mind
» Work ethic: Understand and appreciate the reading
assignments given to you
» Positive attitude

Skills you learn:
» Learn to coach and communicate among different demographics: middle school,
highschool, collegiate and professional athletes, adventure athletes, special
operations candidates, weekend warriors and general population clients.
» Progressions/regressions of exercise selection
» Therapy principles and their place in the weight room
» Programming: understanding how we design programs that help athletes rise to
the highest levels of competition.

What makes us different:
» Our understanding and implementation of psychology, habitual behavior, therapy principles,
quality of movement and incorporation of energy systems is truly different. We don’t train muscles,
we train the psychological, neurological and physiological aspects of the human organism. You will
learn how to talk to people, how to cue them properly and how to find out what their real goals and
eliminate what holds them back.
» We aren’t you average gym , therefore we aren’t your average coaches. We want intelligent individuals
who are willing to come in with an open mind and learn a more all-encompassing view on health and
wellness than they would be exposed to during their time in a college environment.

Halfway through set #2. Definitely not an easy training session

Responsibilities include:
» Teaching new clients introductory movements and exercises
» Cleaning and maintaining the gym daily
» Weekly reading assignments
» Group seminars put on by the coaches at Rogue, teaching the basics and how we
implement our philosophy
» Assigned the task of researching and teaching a skill or area of health and wellness to
the coaches that is currently outside of our knowledge base. (we can and will learn from
you as well).
» Coaching individuals, group open-gym sessions, team training sessions and one-on-ones

Interested? Contact Jonathon Pope or Matt Malloy with a resume and cover letter
Jonathan Pope – 720-474-0636
Matt Malloy – – 585-330-5285

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