Who We Train:

Special Operations:

+ We have worked with Special Operations Force candidates and current members from every branch of the American military and many other countries.

Adventure Athletes:

+ Adventure Race Training – We prepare clients for GORUCK, Death Race, Spartan Beast, Tough Mudder and other similar events ranging in duration from a few hours to multiple days.

+ Triathletes – We provide competitive triathletes the customized programs and coaching support needed to perform at the top of their fields.

+ Outdoor athletes– We work with outdoor athletes including ski mountaineering, climbing, and backcountry skiing/snowboarding.

Traditional Athletes:

+ We have worked with athletes from high school to professional ranks in a variety of traditional sports including football, baseball, lacrosse, and rugby

Yep, it's going to be hard

Yep, it’s going to be hard

Our story

 If you are here its because you are looking for something – knowledge, coaching, inspiration – maybe all three.

We understand, we’ve been where you are:

 + When Craig enlisted and volunteered for a Special Operations Force, he had no idea how to prepare. He knew he was supposed to be strong and able to swim and run a lot, but that was about all he could come up with.

+ When Jonathan switched his focus from traditional sports to endurance and adventure sports he had to work through five surgeries and the accumulation of 20 years of abusing his body.

After surviving the same unnecessary trial and error process that most people are stuck in right now, Craig tested and developed an increasingly refined system that has been applied successfully with hundreds of active special operators from every branch.

Jon’s physical performance in the gym and in sports ranging from long-distance cycling to surfing, climbing and backcountry snowboarding is stronger than ever in his life, and hundreds of his clients now see the same performance improvements without having to go through years of frustration first.

If you have chosen to volunteer for selection in a SOF program or prepare to perform at a high level in an endurance or adventure sport you have chosen a difficult path. There is no need to make it harder.

There are literally thousands of different programs, blogs, articles, and books out there. Sifting your way through this sea of information while trying to train yourself can be exhausting, frustrating and confusing. We know this because we’ve lived it.


Movement is the foundation of all of our programs and self-limiting exercises such as the front squat and overhead squat are vital to building leg and postural strength and avoiding unnecessary risk in the weight room.

Self-limiting exercises such as the front squat and overhead squat are vital to building leg and postural strength and avoiding unnecessary risk in the weight room.

Why train with us?

+ We’ve been there – We won’t ask you to do anything we haven’t done ourselves. We test new methods and programs to make sure they work before we pass them on to our clients.

+ We get results – Every SOF prep client who has finished our program has made it through their selection course. Every single athlete who has prepared for a race or event has hit PR’s and seen drastic improvements in how they feel and perform on a daily basis.

+ Our approach is unique – We combine practical experience and technical knowledge to create custom programs that work month after month, year after year.

+ Top-tier coaching – We work with some of the best coaches in the world in a variety of fields to ensure you are getting the absolute best program possible. We have also been there ourselves – all of our programs are based off personal experience and testing.

+ We treat you like an individual – No cookie cutter programs here. Your program is specific to your needs and goals.

+ We want to help you – We want to help people like us, to help them avoid the pointless struggles we went through. If you have the raw material and are ready to put in the work we want to work with you.

How our programs work:


+ Individualized corrective work to get you moving better so you can train harder, recover fast, and not get injured

Movement is the foundation of all of our programs

Movement is the foundation of all of our programs

Customized program based on your needs and goals

+ Strength work that actually gets you stronger in the right movement patterns so you can go hard and not break down

+ Energy system work specific to you and the event you are preparing for

+ Nutrition guidance so that you recover well during your training and to get you to perform optimally during your event

Not breaking down under heavy loads is important, as it's an indicator of where you will fail when fatigue sets in

Not breaking down under heavy loads is important, as it’s an indicator of where you will fail when fatigue sets in

Access to our video database

+ Learn how to do every exercise perfectly

+ In depth explanations of every piece of the training process

Unlimited email, Skype, and phone access with your coach

+ You’re fully supported and we will answer all of your questions

Relative strength (strength relative to your weight) and being able to manipulate loads in real world situations is the one of the main goals of the strength portion of our programs

Relative strength (strength relative to your weight) and being able to manipulate loads in real world situations is the one of the main goals of the strength portion of our programs

Monthly reading on programming, psychology, recovery, and nutrition

+ Over the course of our program you will learn how to write your own programs, design your own nutrition plans, and keep yourself from getting injured. Upon program completion you’ll be self-reliant.



+ I just got selected in the May SFAS class. Thank you for the great programming; the workouts definitely translated well to the work we had to do, especially the motor patterns for rucking. I still use a lot of the warmup, and feel pretty confident moving forward with everything I learned from your program. I’ll guess you are so sick of this. But thank you big time. Today I was directly accepted and got a slot for the German Army OCS. I got a slot as a light armored recon/recon officer candidate and I will study history at a military university and get my master’s degree. I had a dream and it came true. You were totally right and I crushed that PFT today. It was awesome. And the biggest thing for me: the doctors always criticized my back/spine because of minor problems. Today the doc told me that I am much more muscular and stronger in the posterior chain than everybody else and that there wouldn’t be any problem with letting me jump out of airplanes or do whatever I want in the military. Thank you, you changed my life.

Scout Sniper Winter

+ When I started out I was trying to get ready for my BUD/S PST. My numbers were pretty competitive – about 80 each for pushups and situps, 15 pullups, swim and run below 10 minutes. After your training, I went in at 7:45 on the swim, 110 pushups, still around 80 on the sit-ups since I don’t want to be the sit-up champion, 20 pullups and just below 9 on the run.

+ I finish Ranger school in a few weeks here and honestly I’m a little surprised by how easy it feels. I mean, we do our smoke sessions every day and ruck all over, but I’m not really out of my physical comfort zone at all here.
+ I had no idea how little I knew about movement quality. It really struck me that your program wasn’t just “do this squat for 5 reps and 5 sets.” Everything was about building strong patterns and learning to intuitively understand the qualitative side of what my body is doing. Now, I can train myself knowing that with the patterns you showed me how to build I can really push myself. I can use it. I started your training with goal of joining a special operations environment, and now am in that special operations environment.

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Adventure Athletes:

+ We finned every morning using combat side stroke and recovery stroke, starting with 1500m on day 1, 2000m on day 2, and then 3000m on day 3. Me and my swim buddy finished first on all the swims. The next closest pair was at least 20 mins after us each time. We absolutely crushed the swims……None of it was easy, but without your training programs I can honestly say I would not have performed as well as I did.
+ I completely crushed the event. I was the top leader in the class to the point where the cadre “muted” me 2 hours into the event ….we were wet and sandy for the full 13 hours, did a number of different calisthenics/sand bag pt/bear crawls/buddy carries/etc throughout the whole movement. I didnʼt gps the route but I would assume we covered around 15 miles overall. They confiscated our food at the beginning and gave us one food break with part of what they took mid-way through. I received a tiny endurance gel and other than that had water and a pull of fireball whiskey throughout the whole event. At no point did I feel smoked or tired, for most of the time I was bored and sick of hearing “slow down”.
 Death Race
+ I did another GoRuck Challenge Friday night from 8pm – 8am, and I killed it. So thank you. It’s really great to see all the little (and big) things you’ve been having me do pay off.
+ My hips feel great and my knees didn’t/don’t hurt at all. I’m a little beat up in the shoulders from the heavy ruck, just under 50 pounds for 12 hours, about 18 miles, but I feel really good. I was a beast doing buddy carries, hundreds of yards of walking lunges, and even carrying 2 – 3 rucks at once along with a couch, sandbags, cinder blocks, and a log that we found along the way. I am way less sore than I was last time too.
+ I can’t wait for the next one where I will be even stronger for it. Thank you for everything up to this point, and also for what is to come in the next few months I have training with you. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time.

dave biking_bw

Take action

A personality type we constantly encounter is the “I-was-gonna.” The I-was-gonnas are people who find out that we were/are SOF operators or adventure athletes and feel obligated to tell you about their similar aspirations, which always began with the words “I was gonna” and ended with an excuse.

“I was gonna go into SWCC/BUDS/EOD/Rangers/SF/Recon/MARSOC, etc. but I decided to wait until I’m in better shape before I try out.”

“I was gonna do that too, but I am too busy with school and work.”

“I was gonna sign up for that, but I have this thing with my knee and I don’t know if I could finish.”

The I-was-gonnas never do. Their fear to take the first step, to take that risk, prevent them from ever knowing if they could make it.

Don’t be an “I-was-gonna.” Take action. Answer the question that lurks in the back of your mind.

There is nothing special about the coaches or the people we train – except that they take action day after day. Just like you, they don’t like to fail or struggle, but that is part of the process of learning and growing, and they have learned to embrace it.

 Notice how I say learned. Taking action is something you learn to do. So, you can learn how to take charge of your body and mind; to take a risk and put yourself out there.

 You can be more – physically and mentally – if you want to be.

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We expect a lot out of our clients. That’s why we ask you to complete an extensive questionnaire to get to know you and your goals. We have limited time, attention and resources, so before we make a commitment to you we want to make sure you are a good fit in our program. We can only coach so many clients at once and want to make sure we aren’t wasting each other’s time.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

 To get started follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Contact us and let us know what you want to train for

Step 2: Fill out the application

Step 3: Send it in and see if you have been selected