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How breathing makes everything better

By Jonathan Pope

Take a second and look at down at your chest and stomach while you take a few deep breaths in. Then, watch the video below and see which of the three examples looks most like you (don’t read below until you’ve watched the video).

If you are a #1 or #2, and even if you are a #3 (99% chance you aren’t), check out the video below, where I explain:

- Why breathing is so important

- How proper breathing helps you get more from your training, recover faster, and generally feel and perform better

*Disclaimer – the content in the video above is a very simplified version of a complex process

Now what? Learning how to breathe again….

Watch the video below to learn how you should be practicing breathing

– I suggest you do this every day (2x per day) for 3 sets of 3-4 breaths.

- Focus more on the exhale (as much air into the balloon as possible) than the inhale for optimal results

- Count to 3 after your exhale before you breathe in again

- Try not to seal the balloon by pushing your lips together; instead, push your tongue to the top of your mouth like you are about to make a “clicking” sound and keep lips open (this will take some practice)

- Crush the ground with your low back and keep your 6 pack abs (rectus abdominis) soft

Breathing during exercise

Between sets

Below is an example of a breathing exercise that we program between sets as active rest – this helps reset ANS tone (as described in the video above)

We typically program one set of 3-8 breaths between sets

Before/during lifting

Setting the ribs is key to lifting heavier weights and not getting hurt

Wrap Up

- Start focusing on your exhalation and 360 degree breathing (expansion through your belly, chest, low back, and rib cage without shrugging) with all breathing drills

- Try incorporating breathing exercises during rest periods, setting the ribs before lifting, and whenever you are exercising