Jonathan Pope

Jonathan grew up like most kids playing baseball, basketball, skateboarding, snowboarding, and really any sport that sounded interesting. His work ethic, intensity, and natural ability allowed him to excel in most sports, ultimately culminating in playing college baseball.

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After a brief stint playing college baseball he underwent two reconstructive elbow surgeries, two knee surgeries, and one shoulder surgery to fix the damage of twenty years of abuse and lack or regard for his body. Having learned the hard way that hard work and intensity don’t make up for quality training and frustrated with the quality of rehab and training he was surrounded by he began an obsessive quest to learn how to rebuild his body.


Along the way he learned, worked, and interned with strength coaches, physical therapists, manual therapists, and PhD’s in a variety of fields in order to learn as much as possible. During this time he applied that knowledge to himself and his own clients to slowly mold his own training philosophy based on two guiding principles:

+ Movement quality is the foundation of training
+ The mind is usually the limiting factor in physical performance and should be as much of a focus as the physical training

Today Jonathan continues to work with experts in a variety of fields in order to continually expand his knowledge and improve the training experience at Rogue. He takes pride in being able to lift, jump, and run with all of his athletes and clients and tests the effectiveness of his training via snowboarding, rock climbing, and endurance sports.



+ BS in Exercise Science
+ CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) through the NSCA
+ Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
+ Owner and Director of Athlete Training for Rogue Performance

Craig Weller

Craig’s involvement in strength and conditioning began with a set of plastic coated cement weights in sixth grade and has developed constantly since then through years of research and application in environments ranging from six years in Naval Special Warfare to his own fitness business located in South Dakota to his work here with Rogue.

A crushingly poor performance on that plastic weight set as a kid started Craig on an obsessive path of assimilating fitness knowledge and implementing it into his training. By the end of high school he was coaching a small group of people and had enlisted in the Navy with plans of going into Special Operations on the assumption that the mental capacity revealed and developed here would matter more than simple strength numbers in the weight room.


After barely learning to swim in boot camp and two and a half years in the selection pipeline, Craig became a member of SWCC, a branch of Naval Special Warfare.

SWCC is a physically destructive occupation, requiring heavy loads of body armor, night vision and weapons to be worn on small high speed jet boats slamming through waves with impacts as high as 20 G’s. These off-balance impacts can break bones and frequently cut SWCC careers short. A significant aspect of the training philosophy Craig developed revolved around building the resilience and injury resistance of the body.

Craig’s involvement in physical training continued and what began as an informal group of people training with him became an official capacity. Eventually Craig developed training programs for members of other Special Ops groups on three different continents as well as the Americans he deployed with.

Throughout this time, Craig and his colleagues took advantage of their physical capability by going on side trips for various outdoor pursuits, eventually summiting Mt. Rainier and Mt. Kenya, trekking to the base camp of Mt. Everest and regularly climbing, surfing, biking and snowboarding.

Eventually this led to a series of principles underlying Craig’s training philosophy. Movement quality matters more than quantity. Physical strength is ultimately determined in the mind. The things we do in the gym should be to facilitate our activities in the outside world.


After getting out of the military, Craig opened his own fitness business in South Dakota, which now has two locations on either side of the state. He now divides his time between those, Rogue, and various overseas projects.

Matt Malloy

A native of Rochester, NY, Matt has been participating in athletics for as long as he can remember. As a football and lacrosse player, Matt took to the weight room to prepare himself for the up and coming seasons, often spending 5 to 6 days a week training. Going into his senior season of Lacrosse, Matt could feel his body falling apart, he was in constant pain throughout the season and for much of the next seven years. When he asked the doctors and trainers about it, they had very few answers and even less solutions. Desperate to get to the bottom of it, he started researching the problem that would take him down a long and arduous seven year path.


Along the way, Matt would graduate from the most renown Exercise Science program in the country and work several internships with strength coaches, physical therapists and PhD’s.

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Using the process of “Trial and Error”, Matt experienced why modern approaches to therapy and exercise often fail in alleviating anything more than temporary results. Through this work, Matt has grown an appreciation for quality of movement and an understanding of how to attain it. He believes it is quality, not quantity that is the basis of good training. His vast experience in the field has given Matt an array of systematic tools that help clients achieve of their goals and stay injury free outside of the gym. He prides himself on being able to apply therapeutic and advanced movement principles into exercise routines to alleviate clients’ acute and chronic pain. Within his philosophy, you will find exercises that work with the natural systems of the body, teaching you how the spine moves and how and why your body has become “dysfunctional”. Matt’s drive stems from a desire to find solutions to people’s problems, often researching and getting to the bottom of everyday chronic issues that people deal with on a daily basis.

In his free time Matt likes to be outside, SCUBA diving, fishing, hiking and playing lacrosse in the summer while snowboarding in the winter. Since the start of his time with Rogue Strength and Performance, he has picked up an interest in the psychology of training as he applies it to help him down a new path of reaching his full physical potential.

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Qualifications and Experience

+ Springfield College – Applied Exercise Science with a focus in Strength and Conditioning

+ Athletic Republic – internship

+ University of Notre Dame -Strength and Conditioning Internship

+ PowerCore Athletics – Former head trainer of Baltimore orioles Jay Shiner (internship)

+ Central Mass PT – Mike Roberts, Jackie Shakar

+ Western Knights Strength Coach – coaches kids and adults with cerebral palsy, spina bifidia and other degenerative disorders

+ Comprehensive PT – shadow and study Postural Restoration techniques under Michal Niedzielski

+ Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning – worked for current Red Sox S&C coach Mike Boyle as well as his staff