Rogue is a gym and training methodology for people who train in a gym in order to excel outside of it. We’re backcountry skiers, split-boarders, triathletes, surfers, adventure racers and special operators. We train for a purpose, and everything we do is rigorously tested and refined to produce the most capable athletes anywhere.



We work with and have studied under the best in a variety of fields: nutrition, psychology, coaching, and training. We then combine all that information into a unified method that is simple and straightforward for clients.


What you’ll find on this site isn’t conjecture or theory -we constantly test our programs in the real world with real people. Every single aspect of our training programs has been vetted through an extensive process so we know it works. 


Over 90% of clients that we have prepared have made it through selections courses (with 65-90% attrition rates) in every branch of the military and in many countries throughout the world. We know our programs work if you’re willing to do the work. 





  • 6’0″  – 210#
  • Deadlift – 550
  • Front Squat – 365
  • Weighted Pull-up – BW +100#
  • 500m Row – 1:23.6
  • 2000m row – 6:48


Jonathan is the head coach and owner at Rogue Performance, a training facility based out of Denver, Colorado. He trains a variety of different clients, but specializes in performance coaching for athletes.

His goal as a coach is to teach his clients how, why, and what needs to be done to achieve their goals in an environment that promotes accountability, respect for themselves and others, and expands their expectations of themselves.

He treats every client as an individual and every training program is designed that align with the client’s current physical capability, temperament, and goals. He doesn’t believe in one-size-fits all coaching or programming so every client at his facility is given individualized coaching and programing to ensure they reach their goals.

He believes that nothing worth doing can be done alone, and the community at his training facility is based on shared responsibility for helping each continue to move forward.

When he’s not training clients he spends his free time testing himself and his training in the mountains pursuing one of his passions: backcountry snowboarding, mountain biking, or rock climbing.


  • Ski Mountaineering
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock and Ice Climbing




  • 6’0″  – 190#
  • Deadlift – 500
  • Front Squat – 315
  • Weighted Pull-up – BW +100#
  • 500m Row – 1:24.8
  • 2000m row – 6:53


After barely learning to swim in boot camp and two and a half years in the selection pipeline, Craig became a member of SWCC, a branch of Naval Special Warfare.

SWCC is a physically destructive occupation, requiring heavy loads of body armor, night vision and weapons to be worn on small high speed jet boats slamming through waves with impacts as high as 20 G’s. These off-balance impacts can break bones and frequently cut SWCC careers short. A significant aspect of the training philosophy Craig developed revolved around building the resilience and injury resistance of the body.

Craig’s involvement in physical training continued and what began as an informal group of people training with him became an official capacity. Eventually Craig developed training programs for members of other Special Ops groups on three different continents as well as the Americans he deployed with.

Throughout this time, Craig and his colleagues took advantage of their physical capability by going on side trips for various outdoor pursuits, eventually summiting Mt. Rainier and Mt. Kenya, trekking to the base camp of Mt. Everest and regularly climbing, surfing, biking and snowboarding.

Eventually this led to a series of principles underlying Craig’s training philosophy. Movement quality matters more than quantity. Physical strength is ultimately determined in the mind. The things we do in the gym should be to facilitate our activities in the outside world.

After getting out of the military, Craig opened his own fitness business in South Dakota, which now has two locations on either side of the state. He now divides his time between those, Rogue, and various overseas projects.


  • Ski Mountaineering
  • Mountain Biking
  • Surfing




  • 5’11”  – 200#
  • Deadlift – 485
  • Front Squat – 275
  • Weighted Pull-up – BW +90#
  • 500m Row – 1:27.6


Using the process of “Trial and Error”, Matt experienced why modern approaches to therapy and exercise often fail in alleviating anything more than temporary results. Through this work, Matt has grown an appreciation for quality of movement and an understanding of how to attain it. He believes it is quality, not quantity that is the basis of good training.

His vast experience in the field has given Matt an array of systematic tools that help clients achieve of their goals and stay injury free outside of the gym. He prides himself on being able to apply therapeutic and advanced movement principles into exercise routines to alleviate clients’ acute and chronic pain. Within his philosophy, you will find exercises that work with the natural systems of the body, teaching you how the spine moves and how and why your body has become “dysfunctional”.

Matt’s drive stems from a desire to find solutions to people’s problems, often researching and getting to the bottom of everyday chronic issues that people deal with on a daily basis.

In his free time Matt likes to be outside, SCUBA diving, fishing, hiking and playing lacrosse in the summer while snowboarding in the winter. Since the start of his time with Rogue Strength and Performance, he has picked up an interest in the psychology of training as he applies it to help him down a new path of reaching his full physical potential.


  • Rock Climbing 
  • Snowboarding


The results of those who commit to their training program represent more than impressive changes in body composition and performance; they signify permanent changes in lifestyle and mindset. The following people are examples of what can happen when you combine dedication, hard work, and intelligent training.




As a firefighter in balmy Florida, physical fitness is non-negotiable. You either put in the time or you pay the price. As a 44 year old in a young man’s game I was always trying to find that hidden edge, the tricks to train as efficiently as possible. I understood the information out there, and the different areas I needed to improve, but was never able to put it all together. The guys at Rogue have the ability to evaluate your unique circumstances and provide you with a comprehensive program that addresses all areas of fitness. Integrity is that which will get you to your goals. Rogue has given me the knowledge and the tools to lead from the front. Stop wasting time, start making progress.




I am very happy with the online training program. It was evident the trainer (Jonathan) put a great deal of effort in developing the program.  I appreciated that as the program progressed in complexity, Jonathan would send articles and answer my questions in enough detail that I was never concerned or confused.  This level of communication and support enabled me to learn a great deal about how to develop a training program that was balanced, progressive and sustainable.  I found the articles to be informative and comprehensive, especially when paired with the experience and knowledge of the trainer.

The nutrition plan was excellent.  Prior to starting the program, I thought that as long as I ate pretty “healthy” I could do enough PT to make up the balance.   Initially, I had very little knowledge in this area, but now I have basic understanding of the nutrition-fitness pairing.  As a result of the nutritional information provided, I understand the complexity that is involved in planning and maintaining a proper diet.  The nutritional information was critical to my overall success in this program.

This program provided a structure and tools to achieve that goal.  I am physically prepared for my intended goal.   I did not have any difficulty completing the initial required physical training test.


Death Race2


Team Death Race this weekend. I finished it in 25 hours.

We started at 4am Sat morning at the bottom of Killington Resort to get a 4 hour head start.

We had to carry two 75lb sandbag tubes, a level, shovel, axe plus food/water. About 80/85lbs total throughout the course. It. Was. Fucking. Hell. Going uphill was a bitch. My team (3 people) would rotate the non-sandbag pack around so at least one person would get a break from the sandbag pack. Legs were good. We finished it in 16 hours. Had to slow down on the last mile down since it was off trail and really muddy and slippery. It started raining like hell.

After a brief clean up/fuel up, we went back to Pittsfield sans sandbags to do some log work – chopping, moving logs around. We did Lego Memory challenge. Then we hiked up to Joe’s cabin on a mountain. Joe is one of the founders for the Death Race. We had to haul two rocks up there when we got to the top. This is where we were told that we were done with the Team Death Race at 5:15am.


Emerald Warrior


I’ll guess you are so sick of this. But thank you BIG TIME.

Today I was directly accepted and got a slot for the German Army OCS.

I got a slot as a light armored recon/recon officer candidate and I will study history at a military university and get my master’s degree.

I had a dream and it came true. You were totally right and I crushed that PFT today. It was awesome.

And the biggest thing for me: the doctors always criticized my back/spine because of minor problems. Today the doc told me that I am much more muscular and stronger in the posterior chain than everybody else and that there wouldn’t be any problem with letting me jump out of airplanes or do whatever I want in the military.

Thank you, you changed my life.





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